Find Out What’s Behind The Doorway In Laura Ruby’s Ghostly New Novel

Sean Tulien: Hi, I’m Audible editor Sean Tulien and today I have the great pleasure of interviewing Laura Ruby, a writer hero of mine. She’s the author of the Printz Medal-winning YA novel Bone Gap, the Edgar-nominated middle grade novel Lily’s Ghost, and several other acclaimed works for kids and young adults. Her new YA novel, 13 Doorways, Wolves Behind Them All, […]

Sasha Sagan Shows The Meaning Of Life Is Everywhere We Look

KJ: Hi there. I’m Audible editor Kat Johnson, and today I have the pleasure of talking to Sasha Sagan, who is the author of the new memoir, For Small Creatures Such as We: Rituals for Finding Meaning in our Unlikely World. The audiobook serves as a guide for creating meaningful rituals beyond the framework of religious tradition. […]

Mindy Kaling On Her Romantic Comedy Love

Katie O’Connor: Hi listeners, it’s your Audible editor, Katie here and I am so excited to be speaking with actress, producer and author Mindy Kaling. Hi, Mindy. Mindy Kaling: Hey Katie, how are you? KO: I’m great. We were so thrilled to have you featured in our commercial for the Audible Escape launch. You were the natural choice. […]